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SAP Solution Manager

What is SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Solution Manager

It’s an intelligent SAP management platform (nickname “SOLMAN”). You can implement solutions, maintain your system, run and even incorporate non-SAP solutions – while you are supporting your business.

From System Monitor, you can dive into details of your system in the Administration Editor tool. It tells you about Data Disk, Log disk, Trace Disk, Alerts on resource usage with a priority.

It’s a must-have tool since implementations, solutions, upgrades and patches cannot be done without.

SAP Solution Manager includes Focused Insights and Focused Build – at no additional costs.

We have excellent teams who can help you get startet.

IT Service Management

Provides central message management and processing. It can integrate to SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) where you can access SAP Service & Support and if needed connect to an external help desk.

Business Process

Business process management (BPM), can help you in optimizing your operational processes- E.g. Business Process and Interface Monitoring, Business Process Improvement, Data Consistency Management and Job Scheduling.

Focused Build

A dashboard wiev with bre-build tiles to manage requirements and software development for large and small projects.
Focused Build support your daily it-management with functionality to handle all business needs from requirements to the deploy process.

Application Operations

Functionality for System and Integration Monitoring and User Monitoring. Support for Analytics and Dashboarding, Technical Administration and Guided Procedures, Root Cause Analysis and Exception Management.

Project Management

SAP PPM SAP is part of SAP Solution Manager.
You can manage project time, resources, and status. PPM includes Solution Documentation, Requirement Management and Change Request

Focused Insights

A customized dashboard wiev with tiles tailored to cover specific needs for specific roles.
Focused Insights supports customers with functionality to view the most relevant information to the right people in real time.

Landscape Management

It helps customers to manage and use their system landscape and uptimize it through new installations, update of Support Packages and enhancement packages, system upgrades or migration to SAP S/4HANA

Test Suite

Determine scope of testing for business processes, manage test cases centrally and execute the tests. You can buid up phases to structure your test suite; define scope and make your test planning, tests and finally transfer changes to production.

Process Management

"SOLMAN" runs 2 ways: 1) “Solution Administration” - an overview over your solutions, display and maintain solutions, create and define new solutions. 2) “Solution Documentation” is a directory for business processes and docs: (templates, upgrades. etc.).

Change Control

All changes you desire: IT Service, Change Request,Interfaces to a third party provider help desk, Change and Transport System, Transport Analytics, Change Diagnostics, Quality and Release Management.

Data Volume Management

Data Volume mangement (DVM) displays data volume movements in single / multiple systems in details. DVM is based on SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) and provides an integrated, landscape-based view of your data.

Custom Code Management

Management of Custom Code is a central area for all your functions from requirement to retirement. You can optimize your custom developments, monitor the implementation and track usage and quality by this feature; Custom Code Management

Let Atronas certified SAP Solution Manager Consultants help you to unleash and utilize the full potential of your SAP Solution Manager for your business needs.