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Let Atronas certified SAP HCM Consultants help you utilize your SAP HCM optimally for your business needs

What is SAP HCM?

SAP HCM (SAP Human Capital Management) is a human resources management system.
SAP HCM is one of the major modules in SAP that plays an important role in building an organized human resource system.

SAP HR modules

  •     Organization and Information Management
  •     Personnel Management
  •     Time Management & Payroll Accounting
  •     Travel Management
  •     Recruitment & Talent Management
  •     and mutch more..

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SAP HCM Features

There are various features in SAP HCM for different processes.

Organizational management (OM)

Organizational management enables you to analyze the entire structure of your organization. You are able to define personnel scenarios, track revenues and expences and mutch more.
The organizational management module is mandatory, If you want to implement e.g.

MSS (Manager Self Service),
ESS (Employee Self Service),
PS (Personel development)

Time management (TM)

TM is a sub-module of SAP HR. It enables you to handle shift administration, to record attendances and absences for employees shift, workforce planning, time evaluation (attendance, absence, overtime, bonus, wages), e.g..
- Time recording (Actual work)
- Leave (Paid or unpaid leaves)
- Attendance (TM workspace)
- Time data collection for payroll run etc.

Recruitment Management

If you need the right talent on the right place, you can use SAP Recruiting software. Recruitment Managment enables you to execute your recruitment process, maintaining and administrating personel requisitions and find matches among job offers and candidates.
RM handles all the activities from initial entry to hiring or rejection an applicant.

Travel Management (FI-TV)

The Travel Management (FI-TV) component supports all processes involved in handling business trips.
The functionality is integrated with settlement, tax and payment processes.

Travel Management enables you to request travels, planning and booking and creating expense reports to be used by other business areas.

Payroll Denmark (PY-DK)

The Payroll module (PY-DK) enables you to process payroll for employees in Denmark. It is integrated with other SAP HR modules such as Personel Administration, Financial Accounting and Controlling. The basic functionality of payroll is processing the pay components for a specific period, e.g. salaries, wages, bonuses, etc.

Personnel Administration (PA)

Personnel administration (PA) manages all employee-related data in the company and includes all fundamental Personnel Management administrative processes that take place within your company.