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Atronas SAP Stabilization tool

System Monitoring

SAP stabilization is what you will achieve when you combine our 2 modules in one product. One of them is SAP Uptime Reporting (Monitor).

The tool highlights risk and potentiel problems, dynamically solve issues or propose solutions for identified areas.


Confidently lead your organization into the future by keeping SAP running flawlessly


Build resiliency into your SAP landscape. Confidently lead your organization into the future by keeping SAP running flawlessly.

1 months 100% free. 

1 hour demo.

Try it by your self. Start a free trial for the whole packet.

Build resiliency into your SAP landscape.

Get the most out of your SAP investments. When SAP does not perform, your business does not perform.

With Atronas Health monitoring tool, you are able to monitor all your systems, all in one place and thereby saving time and money.


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SAP Monitoring

The SAP architure is complex, and SAP landscapes are getting bigger and bigger. Atronas SAP monitoring tool gives a clear overview over your SAP landscape, and get a clear picture where your SAP systems needs attention. Then you will get best result for your SAP investments, and if you are ready for a change over...You'll be ready for your S4 migration journey.

Real Time

Get data in real time. Get notified and act immediately.


Keep focus on performance, and secure the best experience for the business.


Attract the most comment and most important errors first.

Slice and dice

Filter on date, and get clear picture of your data.

Functions & Features

  • SaaS service that runs on cloud
  • Real time Monitoring on all devices
  • Reporting tools & health check reports
  • Works also on the new S4/Hana systems
  • Real Time tracks your entire SAP ABAP landscape
  • Real time tracks of your business idocs.
  • Real time monitorings of your performance KPI’s
  • Low cost compared to other monitoring tools
  • Includes SAP ABAP, OS, and database monitoring.
  • Be up and running in less than 1 hour

Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

  • Role-based Dashboards.
  • Highly flexible SAP Service Level Reporting, manually or on schedule
  • Slice and Dice Performance Data Interactive Lists and Charts with drill-downs
  • Time-synchronized data for correlation, root-cause analysis and analytics

Atronas SAP Monitoring

  • Avaibility

  • Batch jobs

  • Software components

  • Dumps

  • Idocs

  • Locked entries

  • Profile parameters

  • SAP Processes

  • RFC connections

  • Transport systems

  • System Log

  • Tune Summery

  • Update requests

  • Profile parameters

  • Database backups

  • CPU

  • File Systems

  • Memory

Frequently asked questions

No, unfortunately not. You will get 20% discount if you buy a year. And therefore, we do not give refunds. But you will not quit…

No, you don’t need credit card to your FREE 30 days trail. You can just use the 30 days, and if you don’t want continue, your account will close by if self, and your data will be deleted.
Yes, we can help you to configure a service, or if you have any questions about any service. That is free, and included in the monthly subscription.

Yes we do offer a service, where we setup everything to work in your environment, and we can also train you in using the software. That will be an extra cost, which depend on your environment. But it is usely something which we can do in one day.

Yes, we will continually enhance the services we provide. And since it is a cloud service, you will have the new functionality right away, without doing any upgrades.

Yes, it is safe. We take security very seriously, and we are using highly specified professionals both internals and externals to help us stay sharp and safe.