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Atronas SAP Stabilization tool

Atronas GRC tool

SAP stabilization is what you will achieve when you combine our 2 modules in one product. One of them is Atronas GRC tool. A tool that can handle Governance Risk Compliance.

A method where we can review and adapt roles, user rights, policies and KPI’s. We can follow up on your risk processes, whether it’s your reputation, sales, workforce, etc.

The tool highlights risk and potentiel problems, dynamically solve issues or propose solutions for identified areas.

Incorporate Governance Risk Compliance into your SAP landscape

GRC Method

Atronas GRC tool helps you when user accounts in your SAP landscape need to be updated.


Build resiliency into your SAP landscape. Confidently lead your organization into the future by keeping SAP running flawlessly.

1 months 100% free. 1 hour demo.

Atronas Governance Risk Compliance tool

Cloud based performance and monitoring tools.

Atronas GRC tool helps you when user accounts in your SAP landscape need to be updated.

  • Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)
  • SaaS cloud-based
    Segregation Of Duties SOD
  • Interactive guides and recommendations
  • Real time reporting on security risks
  • Low cost, ROI in few months

Authorization Check

With the Authorization Check application in Atronas GRC Tool, the manager can see which users are trying often to access transaction codes that they cannot do. This is either because they shouldn’t be allowed to enter this Transaction or their roles/profiles are missing, but with this knowledge the manager could initiate some workshop or meeting with his members to teach them why they are not allowed into the blocked transaction or the manager could send a ticket to the department taking care of security in SAP and ask to update the roles/profiles.

Compliance Check

With the compliance application in Atronas GRC Tool, you can track everybody in your team to see if they have the correct roles/profiles to solve their daily tasks. It is easy to see if a team member doesn’t have the necessary roles/profiles because you as a team leader will be notified if your team member doesn’t have the correct roles/profiles necessary to work in your team.

Initial Password Check

With the Initial Password Check application in Atronas GRC Tool, it is easy to get an overview of those user in every SAP system and every client where the Initial Password has timed out. Users cannot login because of no password and will need to create a ticket to solve this, that might hinder people from working or technical users like batch users to run scheduled jobs. This can be very expensive for a company and might have consequences for the company business.

Last login check

With the Initial Password Check application in Atronas GRC Tool, it is trivial to see which users have not been logged in for a certain amount of time. It is often that people in bigger SAP landscapes forget or don’t have time to login in and set their password in time, this is time consuming and might be expensive for the company if users need to wait until they have been unlocked.

Standard user check

With the Standard User Check application in Atronas GRC Tool, the SAP system and all the clients are checked to see if there are any standard users in the system with standard passwords, not locked.

Role check

With the Role/Profile Check application in Atronas GRC Tool, the manager can get an overview of what needs to be looked at before the IT Security gives the department remarks. This Role/Profile application will notify the manager if there are members with roles/profiles that are to wide and because of that can access areas they shouldn’t be allowed into. This can of course be overwritten by the manager is the manager is allowed to do so.

Integrated Dashboards & Reporting

  • Role-based Dashboards.
  • Highly flexible SAP Service Level Reporting, manually or on schedule
  • Slice and Dice Performance Data Interactive Lists and Charts with drill-downs
  • Time-synchronized data for correlation, root-cause analysis and analytics

* team max 20 team members. 

Frequently asked questions

No, unfortunately not. You will get 20% discount if you buy a year. And therefore, we do not give refunds. But you will not quit…

No, you don’t need credit card to your FREE 30 days trail. You can just use the 30 days, and if you don’t want continue, your account will close by if self, and your data will be deleted.
Yes, we can help you to configure a service, or if you have any questions about any service. That is free, and included in the monthly subscription.

Yes we do offer a service, where we setup everything to work in your environment, and we can also train you in using the software. That will be an extra cost, which depend on your environment. But it is usely something which we can do in one day.

Yes, we will continually enhance the services we provide. And since it is a cloud service, you will have the new functionality right away, without doing any upgrades.

Yes, it is safe. We take security very seriously, and we are using highly specified professionals both internals and externals to help us stay sharp and safe.