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GDPR readiness check

According to GDPR, we need to have control over our data. You need to consider for HOW long you need data, WHY, and WHO to decide when to DELETE and how much within a certain period.

It is for your customers, your suppliers, your clients, vendors, members, guests, employees and other relations connected to your business.

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) is a data lifecycle management tool. By using SAP ILM correctly, it is possible to make your company GDPR Compliant.

Upload your ZIP file here and get feedback

Are your SAP system ready for GDPR?

Create an xml file of your SAP system and upload it as a zip file and we will after a short while, send you a report, telling you how ready you are..

How do  I create my xml file?

  1. Log in to the production SAP system.
  2. Run this program: RSSPAM_GENERATE_SYSINFO_XML
  3. or Go to transaction spam: select as shown in ta: SPAM

  4. Go to Utilities in the menu.
  5. Choose “Generate System Info XML”
  6. Save the xml file locally.

  7. If it’s not possible to send us your xml file, ZIP the file and upload the file to again

What about rights?

Normally one must be a SAP Basic resource or have similar rights.

If you lack rights, contact your IT department, they will generate the xml file, you need.



Select as shown in ta: SPAM

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If you need help or have any questions, contact us here