SAP Basis

SAP Basic service is about operation and maintenance.

Maybe but not limited to, you might need;

  • Software / hardware updates of existing environments
  • a process to continuously modernize and optimize your system landscape to prevent multible hours of maintenance.
  • migrating your existing systems over to SAP S/4 HANA and thereby establish new environments.
  • optimizing your operations, by making parts of your services scalable and flexible.
  • Or just experience many ignoring mistakes, where other eyes can help you further in the process

Let Atronas certified SAP Basis Consultants help you stabilize your SAP landscape for your business needs

We can set up your Infrastructure operation and maintenance processes. We can ensure that your Infrastructure operation and maintenance processes are geared to:

– setup of operation and maintenance of hardware, infrastructure components, security services, batch jobs, backup infrastructure, storage, basic software, data, applications and integration with other of your third party systems.

We can ensure that you have the needed control over your Application Operations;

– programs, functions, databases, servers, interfaces as well as integrations and data exchange, applications between.

An SAP Basic man will always ensure communication in and out of SAP.

We can provide assistance with Application Maintenance

– i.e monitoring and implementation of relevant updates; releases, patches, service packs and security updates.

– Optimization of applications in relation to performance, capacity and security, ensuring both external and internal applications are not negatively or inappropriately affected by application maintenance.

And establish a process for an Ongoing Maintenance;

– about new software versions, troubleshooting and remediation of detected errors as well as setting up processes for preventive maintenance.

SAP Basic service is also about Infrastructure components, which ensure the runnings of systems & applications.

Operation and maintenance of the SAP platform includes;

  • SAP Authorization,
  • SAP Governance,
  • Release Management,
  • SAP Solution Manager for monitoring
  • Transport management

If you are a small company, we can also assist to the extent that it is relevant for ongoing SAP installations;

  • LAN / WAN and WIFI, setting up firewalls, access rights and network security in general.

SAP Basis – SAP Maintenance

Unlock the Potential of SAP with Our Expert Assistance

SAP, while a powerful tool, can sometimes feel like a daunting challenge to navigate. Its user-friendliness isn’t always its strongest suit, and this complexity can present significant operational hurdles when it comes to maintaining your SAP systems, especially in landscapes with multiple installations.

That’s where we come in, bringing years of invaluable experience to the table. We understand that managing SAP can become overwhelming, and we’re here to make it all smoother for you and your team.

Let Atronas certified SAP Basis Consultants help you stabilize your SAP landscape for your business needs.

SAP is renowned as the leading ERP system that thrives in an ever-changing world. It offers an array of standardized processes that can adapt seamlessly to your evolving needs. In today’s landscape, marked by geopolitical uncertainties and supply chain disruptions, having a decision-making apparatus that helps you make optimal choices in the face of rapid change is imperative.

In a static world, tailor-made ERP systems may optimize individual processes to perfection. However, in a dynamic environment, what you need is a flexible and intelligent standard framework ERP system. This flexibility allows you to pivot swiftly and effectively when conditions shift unexpectedly, ensuring your business remains resilient and profitable.

Companies are transitioning from ‘just-in-time’ to ‘just-in-case’ strategies. The latter entails holding larger inventories and possibly opting for more localized, albeit potentially costlier, production. However, it offers the assurance that you can meet your customers’ demands even when the unexpected occurs.

Choose our services to harness the true potential of SAP, stay agile in a changing world, and secure the success of your business, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

What is… SAP Basis terminology

The technical level; Hardware and Application infrastructure in a SAP Landscape. It’s a “Business Application Software Integrated Solution”; A technical foundation that enables SAP applications to function. SAP’s IT infrastructure ensures the execution of the applications.

SAP Basis known as Netweaver (SAP Web Application Server), provides services that communicates with the operating system and the database, handling memory management, web requests, communication protocols and exchanging business data and business applications such as FI, HCM etc..

SAP Basis Features

SAP BASIS is required for handling all the technical layers of the SAP stack. It is a system administration platform that is required for handling SAP environments such as SAP HANA. Its main aim is to smoothly execute all the SAP systems in this environment.


Is your company sourcing in or out.
We are able to conduct the technical transition and we can help overlook the quality assuring your project.


Our consultants have great experience in the maintenance area of a SAP landscape. We can help with the technical maintenance , the technical project planning and the technical maintenance assessments.


We can help with all types of operations in the SAP landscape. We can help you to do some of the daily work or we can do all of it.

For any problem you struggle with. We have the team that can help you. Read about our Consultancy Servies or Request for Call Back.